Most questions are answered on our rules page, but here’s some frequently asked questions.

What does my dog need to know?
– Sit
– Lay Down
– Heel at your hip (LEFT SIDE ONLY!)
– Stay
– Turns
– Come to front (sit facing you)
– Pivot in place
– Return to heel (both going around you to the right or swinging back to the left)

– Distracted heeling
– Stand in place

– Offleash heeling
– Small jumps

– All of the above

Can my dog wear a choke chain or head halter? No, collars must be flat buckle or martingale style

We messed up a sign, can we do it again? Novice, yes once per sign. Intermediate, yes 3 times per COURSE, Advanced, yes once per course, Excellent, no.

We made several mistakes and the judge said we NQ’d! What does this mean? It means you weren’t quite ready and you’ll have to try again. When you NQ you are able to try again with a discount provided it’s within 90 days of your first NQ.

I don’t understand a sign? Ask! Join our facebook group for more info.

We are ready to move on to Excellent, but we want more points! Well feel free to enter in both Advanced and Excellent! Remember you have to pay for both trials though.

My dog isn’t a registered Tamaskan, I got them from Right Puppy Kennel or Ratliff Kennel in the USA or Blustag / Blufawn / PoachersFarm after 2012? That’s ok, you’re eligible to enter in the “All breed class”! We are happy to include everyone here!

My dog is registered as an outcross, NTC, German club(s), or the TDR. Then you have full access to the Tamaskan classes!

How do I enter a trial? Simply pay your fee for a trial (for fun trials or real trials, NO CHARGE¬†just for practice) set up your course as the map shows, film it, then upload it to youtube under unlisted or public. Next email the link to us or send it via facebook. Facebook videos are ok, but not ideal. Make sure you are filming in 480p or higher. If the judge can’t see you, you forfeit that entry fee as a fine, so use caution before sending a bad video. Feel free to ask if the quality is ok, we don’t bite!

Can I use hand signals or just voice commands? Both, either, whichever!

Can I use treats? ONLY when your dog is stationary after you’ve completed the sign. For example, Halt, sit, down, after down you can treat your dog. Any turns, figure 8’s etc are NOT permitted to have treats!

Can I write the signs down on paper? I don’t have access to a printer? That’s fine, so long as you can do the course as the map says, then feel free to use your own signs or print some here –¬†CKC-Rally-Signs. We use CKC signs.