Registering Your Dog

Registration is free, simply send us the following information:

  • Dog's Show Name
  • Dog's Call Name
  • Handler's Name
  • Your mailing address for shipping ribbons
  • A picture of your dog for their profile

First register your dog, then choose a course to complete. There will be courses added and deleted to prevent people from doing them 100 times then filming them as that's not the point of this club. After choosing your course choose a safe place to run the course. You may film either by setting up a tripod or having someone film you from a short distance. The ENTIRE dog must be visible. You MUST show your collar on film before beginning your course. The video must include the entire run. Any jump cuts will be considered cheating and will result in NQ and potential expulsion from the club. NO editing other than a title screen / ending screen which are permissable. Upload the video to facebook (must be set to public) or youtube. If it's a fun run it will be judged but you will not receive anything but a score and some small tips. If it's a sanctioned run we have a judge who wishes to remain anonymous as she is a kennel club member. Your sanctioned run will count for points and titles and you will received a typed scoresheet with any pointers recommended.

If you NQ don't be sad or angry. Use your scoresheet to improve your skills with your dog. Practice! And for two weeks after the NQ scoresheet is provided you will be eligible for a 50% discount for an additional run provided it's the same level as your NQ.

All Tamaskans are jumping at the same height - 16INCHES, veteran dogs over the age of 8 are allowed to jump at 8INCHES