Trick Dog Rules

– Tricks can be performed in any setting

– Dogs can wear a leash with a flat buckle collar, NO OTHER COLLARS PERMITTED!!! Leashes can NOT be tightened. Leashes are not required.

– Treats are permitted!

– Decide which title you want to complete, then use the appropriate checklist to pick your tricks – practice practice practice!

– Film yourself and your dog performing all your tricks, interruptions / splicing together videosĀ are permitted! You do not have to perform all the tricks on the same day.

– Submit your video and checklist as well as your payment and you’ll be sent your ribbon and certificate!

Trick Title Points required to complete title Ribbon Color
Novice 15 Blue
Intermediate 20 Lime
Advanced 20 Purple
Bronze 30 Bronze
Silver 30 Silver
Gold 30 Gold
Champion 40 Rainbow Rosette

Download trick lists here

Tamaskan Trick Dog Novice (TTDN)
Tamaskan Trick Dog Intermediate (TTDI)
Tamaskan Trick Dog Advanced (TTDA)
Tamaskan Trick Dog Bronze (TTDB)
Tamaskan Trick Dog Silver (TTDS)
Tamaskan Trick Dog Gold (TTDG)
Tamaskan Trick Dog Champion (TTDCh)

Pay for a Tamaskan Trick Dog title here

Cost is $20. Why do I have to pay $20? Mostly because of the cost of shipping. Sending ribbons to most of the USA is $16USD. Ribbons are paid for by me out of pocket so this cost actually don’t cover my total cost. So please, don’t say it’s too much!